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Information in English

Welcome to Gentlemen Racing Club. We arrange track days for cars in Sweden. Do you want to test your car on a race track? Then you have found the right place! You can become a better and safer driver by learning to handle your car in tight situations. Do not risk your driving license and your fellow road users by speeding on public roads. With us, you can instead test the limits of yourself and your car during legal and safe circumstances.

Everyone is welcome to drive with us, regardless of car model and regardless of previous driving experience. You do not pay for any membership, but only for those events that you want to attend. With us you can always drive as much as you can manage. We have no group divisions. Instead we have "Open Pitlane"- you can drive in and out on the track at any time. We also have experienced instructors who can help you develop your driving technique to the next level.

Become a member of the GRC-club here at AutoLife, so you don't risk to miss any of our events! Then you will get our current newsletter with more details. It is completely free to join! As a member, you also have the opportunity to write messages and comment on GRC in our own forum here at AutoLife.

Learn more about our various events by clicking the grey menu tab called "Event" underneath the GRC logo above. This is also where you sign up if you want to join us and attend an event. (You first need to register a user account here at AutoLife before you can sign up and book an event. To register a user account takes less than 1 minute and is totally free of charge.)

Payment is made to Swedish BankGiro: 5161 - 8742
You can also pay via Swish: 123 413 74 77

Foreign payments to the bank account:
Bank: Ålems Sparbank / Swedbank
IBAN: SE51 8000 0843 4300 3462 5848

NOTE! Do not forget to enter your name and the name and date of the event when you transfer money!
For example: Johan Nilsson Knutstorp 100503


If you want, you can receive the GRC newsletters automatically to your email. Click here to subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletters!

Rules and regulations

Motorsport can be dangerous. To avoid accidents and other problems, we have set up a number of rules and conditions you must agree on in order to participate at a GRC event. Before we let you out on the race track, you must also sign a paper, where you certify that you have read and understood these rules, and you agree that you are responsible for any damages arising in connection with the track day. You are also solely responsible for checking on your insurance coverage in connection with the track day. GRC does not have any additional insurances that cover these events.

- Join our events via the Event department here at AutoLife. The number of spaces are limited and booking is possible as long as there are vacancies remaining.

- To ensure a reserved space 100%, payment must be made to the GRC's bank account at least five days in advance. Paid registration fees are not refundable if you are unable to attend and can not come.

- To the extent of vacancies, it is also possible to pay cash at the location.

- If you have booked an event but was prevented from joining, this must be communicated to GRC as soon as possible.

- GRC has the right to refuse or delete entries that are considered unsuitable.

- In case GRC will have to modify or cancel an event, we shall notify the participants via email and via the website as soon as possible. Paid-up money can be applied to another GRC event.

- Anyone who will be involved in driving at the event must join the mandatory driver's meeting before the event starts. This also applies to any passengers and other guests.

- As a participant, you accept full responsibility for any material or personal damage that you cause. You have no right to hold GRC responsible in any way for any accidents or other problems.

- GRC is not responsible for any damage caused to cars in the track day.

- All cars must be in good technical condition. GRC makes no inspection of the cars, but has the right to refuse entry for a car that is defective or does not meet reasonable technical requirements.

- All cars not using DOT marked (street legal) tires must be fitted with a roll cage.

- All drivers must have either a valid driving license or a valid racing license. (Racing license is not required.)

- All drivers must have helmets and full cover clothes when they are out on the track. Participants must bring their own helmet and clothing.

- It is permissible to have one (1) passenger in the car. Passengers must be at least 16 years old. Also the passenger must have a helmet and full cover clothes.

- Hand-held cameras are not allowed in the car while driving on the track. Any cameras must be mounted rigidly in the car so that they are not likely to fly around in the car.

- No other loose objects can appear inside the cars on the track. Such objects may be left out of the car or anchored safely inside the car.

- Timing or competition is not permitted during GRC's track days.

- GRC has the right to use all images and movies taken during our events.

- Drivers who do not follow our rules or do not do as GRC's staff tells them, could be dismissed from the track. No money is paid back in this case.

- "Yellow Card" can be distributed as a warning to a driver who is considered to drive in a way that is dangerous to himself or to other participants. Yellow cards can be distributed from a flag marshal or another participant. Three yellow cards = red card = dismissed from the track. No money is paid back in this case.

- If a participant run of the track and gets stuck in a gravel trap, the track will be temporarily closed and GRC will help the car back on the track again. This will automatically generate a yellow card (as above) to the driver, leading to exclusion from the track if repeated. No money is paid back in this case.

Contact Information:

GRC Jirhall AB
Stengränd 5
S-178 40 Ekerö

Do not hesitate to call or send an email if you have any questions!

Erik Jirhall - tel. +46 708 244 288 - email
Paul Olin - tel. +46 735 14 30 20 - email

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